Senior Tetra Specialist Full time

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  • Doha. Qatar
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    MidLevel Management
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    13 June 2022
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    10 September 2022
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    1 August 2022
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    Information Technology
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    Full time
Telecom Infrastructure Tetra Configuration Mobile Radio Spectrum Management

Minimum Experience: 

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in relevant field
  • Should have Excellent experience on the following:
    • Tetra configuration ,
    • Private Mobile Radio Services
    • Spectrum management
    • Telecom infrastructure solution
  • Experience conducting site surveys, concept design and installing Private Mobile Radio Services
  • Experience in the Engineering field- design, installation, operation, Coordinate and administer telecommunications activities
  • Confer with business units to determine Tetra solution needs, to establish project priority, and to assist with resolution of telecommunication problems
  • Participate in IT teams to evaluate Tetra hardware and software requirements
  • Perform analysis of  needs and contribute to the design of the fleet maps
  • Understanding, knowledge, and experience with radio content collaboration and communication solutions.
  • Understanding, knowledge, and experience with Tetra  solutions
  • Assist and maintain documentation for tetra configuration
  • Excellent communications skills with the Tetra Users
  • Provide basic Tetra  technical support in each RDR ( Radio distribution Room)
  • Provide Staff  basic training for how to use the Tetra devise such as:
    • Train user how to switch between channel
    • Fix the Tetra headset
    • Explain  to the staff each tetra devise button
    • Explain to staff the commination concept on tetra Groups
  • Manage the Tetra Asset & Distribution System (TADS) by entering the serial No. for Radio and its peripherals.
  • Support in replacing battery with charged one, providing support in case of any inquiry regarding the radio or its peripherals.
  • Support  on collecting  back to the tetra devices from Focal Persons in the RDR to check the Radios & its peripherals status (Good condition, damaged, or lost), update the status on the TADS system, and create a list of these equipment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provision of tetra Indoor infrastructure for non–official venues and non-competition venues
  • Installing the  Tetra Handset and all accessories 
  • Develop the Tetra Fleet mapping (controlling communications between different users)
  • Provide the Tetra  management system as the following items:
    • Tetra talking Group
    • Tetra GPS tracing system
  • Scoping of portable telecom equipment (mobiles & tetras)
  • Distribution & collection of the Tetra devices equipment
  • Manage Spectrum Management Services 


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